Where to Buy Wholesale Products to Sell on Amazon


If you’re looking to start your own business on Amazon, one of the key factors for success is sourcing products at competitive prices.

Buying wholesale products allows you to secure inventory at lower costs, enabling you to offer competitive prices to your customers.

In this article, we will explore some of the best places where you can buy wholesale products to sell on Amazon.

1. Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesale suppliers are companies or individuals that offer products in bulk at discounted prices. They usually work directly with manufacturers or distributors, cutting out middlemen and reducing costs. Some reputable wholesale suppliers include:


One of the largest online marketplaces, Alibaba connects buyers with suppliers from around the world. You can find a wide range of products at competitive prices, but it’s important to verify the credibility of the suppliers and conduct due diligence.


ThomasNet is a comprehensive platform that connects buyers with verified suppliers in various industries. It provides detailed information about the suppliers, their products, and their manufacturing capabilities.


SourceSupreme is an paid online directory of American based wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. It offers a wide selection of products and provides useful tools for research and finding reliable suppliers.

2. Trade Shows and Expos

Attending trade shows and expos is another effective way to find wholesale products for your Amazon business. These events bring together suppliers, manufacturers, and industry professionals under one roof. Here are a few popular trade shows:

Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Market is the leading home furnishings and gift market in the western U.S., presenting thousands of furniture and home, making it a great opportunity to connect with suppliers.

ASD Market Week:

ASD Market Week is a trade show held in Las Vegas, USA. It features a diverse range of products, including electronics, apparel, jewelry, and more. It’s an ideal place to discover new products and establish connections with wholesalers.

Atlanta Market

This Show features manufacturers, representatives, wholesalers and distributors of gifts, decorative accessories, collectibles, stationery & related gifts, souvenirs, resort gifts, gourmet food & specialty food products. It provides an excellent platform to meet suppliers and source products directly.

3. Online Wholesale Marketplaces

In addition to dedicated wholesale platforms, there are online marketplaces that offer wholesale options. These platforms allow you to browse and buy products directly from wholesalers. Some popular online wholesale marketplaces include:

Amazon Business:

Amazon Business is a separate marketplace designed for B2B transactions. It offers a wide selection of products at wholesale prices, making it convenient for Amazon sellers to source inventory.

eBay Wholesale Deals:

eBay Wholesale Deals is a dedicated section on eBay where wholesalers offer products at discounted prices. You can find a variety of products from different categories, but be sure to research the sellers before making a purchase.


Faire lets retailers try-before-they buy, and straight-forward financial terms eliminate inventory risk and provide access to capital. For brands, the platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on making great products.


Sourcing wholesale products is a crucial step in building a successful Amazon business.

By purchasing products at lower prices, you can maximize your profit margins and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Explore reputable wholesale suppliers, attend trade shows, and leverage online wholesale marketplaces to find the best products for your Amazon store.


Q1: Are there any minimum order quantities when buying wholesale products?

A1: Yes, wholesale suppliers often require a minimum order quantity (MOQ). The MOQ varies depending on the supplier and the product.

It’s essential to inquire about the MOQ before making a purchase.

Q2: How do I ensure the quality of wholesale products?

A2: To ensure the quality of wholesale products, it’s advisable to request samples from the supplier before placing a bulk order.

This allows you to evaluate the product’s quality, packaging, and overall suitability for your business.

Q3: Can I sell branded products obtained from wholesale suppliers?

A3: Selling branded products acquired from wholesale suppliers can be a complex matter.

Some brands have strict policies regarding reselling, and unauthorized reselling may violate intellectual property rights.

It’s crucial to research and comply with brand guidelines and policies.

Remember, when buying wholesale products, always conduct thorough research, compare prices, and establish relationships with reliable suppliers to build a sustainable and profitable Amazon business.

SourceSupreme is a one time paid online directory that has thousands of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers based in the United States for Amazon wholesale, distributors, manufacturers.

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