While overseas dropshipping suppliers are an excellent choice for merchants because of low prices, there are many risks involved, including bad product quality and messy refund processes. If you want to run your dropshipping business with more confidence, go local. Below are the seven main reasons why you should choose American dropshipping suppliers.

1. “Made in the USA”

You’ll be able to brand your products as “Made in the USA” and gain your potential customers’ trust quicker. People believe that American products are superior in quality. Plus, they also feel that by “buying American,” they promote the US economy and give people jobs.

2. Higher margins

According to this survey, about two-thirds of American shoppers are willing to pay more for products made in the US. Better quality, patriotic feelings, quicker shipping times – all of this give you the ability to sell at higher margins and make yourself more money.

3. Shorter supply chains

By keeping it local, your products have to travel fewer miles. As a result, your products are more likely to arrive safely, and you can be more confident dropshipping food items, such as dog snacks or fragile products.

4. Fast shipping

It can take up to four weeks or more for products to arrive from AliExpress or other overseas suppliers. By partnering with dropshipping suppliers in the US, you can deliver your products as quickly as within 1-8 days.

5. Convenient customer service

Being in the same or adjacent time zones makes it much easier for you to contact your suppliers when questions arise. You can solve your problems quickly and avoid losing your customers.

6. Easier returns

If your customers are not happy with your products, it’s also easier to handle returns since everything’s happening locally.

7. Ready for the unexpected

Finally, if anything unexpected (like a massive pandemic) happens, you’re less likely to run out of stock. You’ll be shipping from warehouses in different locations in the US.